Thailand Pavilions in Past Expos [*]

Paris, France 1867 : Exposition Universelle de Paris 1867 The 1867 Paris Exhibition was for exhibitors from independent nations to showcase their economic prowess and progress. In response to an imperial invitation from Emperor Napoleon III for Siam to participate, King Mongkut had many items of local merchandise sent to the show. These were displayed in the exhibition's Asia section along with exhibits from China and Japan.
On July 1, 1867, Siam's exhibits of tobacco, cotton, seeds and fishing implements received a special gold prize; and a set of nine miniature models of the Siamese King's royal barges was given an honorary award. The barge models were bestowed as royal presents by King Mongkut upon Napoleon III after the show ended.

Paris, France 1900: Exposition Universelle et Internationale de Paris Official protests were issued to the organizer for locating Siam's pavilion site in the "Colonies" section. The organizer relented and the Siam pavilion was eventually located on a separate site.

St Louis, USA 1904: Celebration of the Centennial of the purchase of Louisiana
A Siam pavilion was constructed at a cost of 250,000 ticals for the event which coincided with the reign of King Chulalongkorn. Modeled on the main hall of the Marble Temple, the pavilion also served to commemorate the temple's founding in Bangkok.

Turin, Italy 1911: International Exhibition of Industry and Labour

Although the Siam Pavilion in Turin was smaller in size than those of England, Russia, Turkey and Switzerland, a local Italian newspaper had this to say about the structure:

"The golden spires of the Siam Pavilion can be seen at a great distance from practically everywhere on the one million square metres fair ground on both sides of the Po River."

A sum of 125,000 ticals was used for the construction of the pavilion. But the results were well worth the cost. Numerous awards and citations for its magnificence were received from the Turin organizers. A total of some 7.5 million people visited the pavilion - a number equaling the population of Siam at the time.

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